terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2009


I would like to thank my dear colleague (and personal friend) Professor Lins for this invitation... Living in Second Life for the second time now, I guess I can contribute to this experiment... Hope you, students, enjoy this trip (as I always call it). Have fun and do not hesitate in contacting me... The only problem is... my Portuguese is not that good... So I can mix it with some Spanish or Italian... (and i beg your pardon in advance!!!). Here I suggest two sites for a basic initial research: http://caosmose.net/pierrelevy/ http://gpc.andrelemos.info/blog/?p=149

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  1. Well .. I do not know if I can thank the teacher for the Lins made you, not until I know how I will develop in the chair. And because my English is not good, and I will be wanting to speak Portuguese with you. But ... hope it is a nice touch. Just do not want my blood, ok?

  2. Kelly, first of all, i'm very pleased to meet you! No problem about your blood (LOL), haven't your professor told you I have an amulet that protects me from my curse? So I don't hunt anymore!
    Well, considering the fact of speaking Portuguese, it should be a very challenging task for me, but yes! We can try it. Hope to see you soon in a lecture. Obrigado pela comentario. Bom weekend!

  3. i cant get used to it.... how can u two be so diffrents? :(

  4. Sorry, Andersson. I didn't get it! What u mean with us being so different? To start a topic about one of your next classes in real world, you must pay attention to what such concepts as "virtual world", "simulation", "representation", "identity", and the idea of "belonging to a group" mean. These are basic concepts to understand an RPG (Role Play Game). Remember: your must pay attention to the representations you find in SL. Talk to people, see how they behave. What role they play in SL. These "social interactions" will be important to all of you. And remember: I am your virtual mentor at SL. Professor Lins is your professor in RL (real life). Of course, we are different! Even you are different! You look good wearing wings! Second life can be much more than a game. It can develop our social abilities through imaginative and potential simulations. Don't be :(

    Be :D